Writing for adulation

I have always wondered this. When one writes is it to serve others, to impress them, to show them their metaphor using capabilities in the sentences, to keep in mind audience should relate to it or to  just write what you wanna say, to exactly reciprocate the feelings you are going through. What would be considered a better piece of writing? An honest one or the one with lots of similes, metaphors and exaggeration? I have tried both. First one is dull while the second one makes me cringe when I re-evaluate it. Thinking of the target audience one revamps their true intentions of writing to certain extent. But then the audience does matter after all. How to take a balanced approach is my dilemma? The content, the feel of the passage should remain honest yet it should be intriguing. I know how many of my writings I have loathed because they were too superficial. Is it the idea that makes a great piece of writing or unwanted, showy use of  big words. After all language is just a medium of expression of our thoughts, views and feelings. What use is the language if one reading it has to either ignore those or google them. Yet again there are certain categories of writers I really admire because though they play with words but in a subtle way. It does not draw focus from the main plot instead make it more engaging. To create that plot and rational play around with words is what I guess makes a good writer. I have a long way ahead. Sigh…

The harder you try; More you lose

It was good, serene, peaceful. I wouldn’t say I didn’t want anything else but whatever all I had sufficed me and my heart. Contended is the best-suited word. I guess stability is what we all yearn for until we really have it. Once we have it, why it loses all its’ meaning is still amusing to me. Fall-out had to happen I knew but the way it happened is the most agonizing part. It literally felt like something breaking inside you making one realize heart-break is not just a metaphor. It really happens inside you and changes you for never to be same again. You feel all the storm inside you yet you are so passive outside that makes everyone think you are just monotonically boring. And then the crucial aspect hits you hard. Is he too experiencing the same loneliness I’m going through or am I the pathetic one who has nowhere to go to? Going deeper into introspection, had a feeling that I already had what I had longed for all this while. And then all the myriad ways he had shown his love, pexels-photo-887349.jpeghis emotions, his concern for me popped up. They were all real from his side, from my side. We knew no other way but being stark naked real to each other. There is no way it can be made the way it was. The more you try the harder it becomes. Sometimes not investing any efforts is the best way to maintain your sanity and peace of mind.